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And it floats...

And it floats...


The project VACUUCRAFT is the continuation and Perfektionierung of the old airship idea. Zeppelin, Cargolifter and other projects failed not only because of the fact that always expensive and dangerous gases had to be used. VACUUCRAFT goes the natural way and aims at the construction of airships whose impetus bodies neutralize the gravity of the earth within the atmosphere by a vacuum in her inside. The weight saved by the high vacuum is used for the construction of the steady cover. Today the technical realization is possible by the application of the most modern materials. The glass and coal fiber-group materials which find already widespread application and modern carbon and metal foam belong to it. Metal foams are most on aluminum based materials which exist to 85% of air. They are externally very similar to conventional plastic foams, however, higher firmness has and the qualities which are typical for metals own. A skillful combination of these materials allows the construction of gigantic airships which can transport loads of many thousand metric tons.
The whole transportation should be revolutionized by VACUUCRAFT. In contrast to other transport vehicles counts here: The greater the more actually. The reason for this arises from the easy geometry. While the volume of a ball with the third power of the radius increases, the upper surface grows only about two powers. That is the specific load-carrying capacity of an airship increases with the Größe. It is advantageous here also that the weight of the whole construction grows only possibly linearly to the radius. Thus a vacuum ball with a radius of 10 meters can carry about 2,000 kilograms, a ball with a radius of 100 meters away more than 2,000 metric tons. Within these scales the whole traffic LKW and inland ship traffic which can be substituted with VACUUCRAFT to a great extent moves.

Special advantages also arise in the production of the spherical airships. The single elements are produced as pentagons and hexagons with the same side lengths from which to themselves big airships passed away in series allow to make. This principle is known in general from the football. In the nature we find this so-called Fullerene with carbon molecules. Many natural Fullerene exist of 12 pentagons which are surrounded by hexagons. A spherical curvature and big stability originates from the combination of pentagons and hexagons because the pentagons do not border on each other, but are surrounded only by hexagons and a magic number of corner points from, e.g., 60, 70, 76 exists etc. This is a pure nature.
There are other big advantages compared with the known means of transportation in the matter of security. The whole impetus body is split in several departments which are insulated mutually. In addition, vacuum pumps are appropriated, in case of a damage of the cover the incoming air heraus-pumpen. Every average is thereby excluded.
As an impulse Heißdampfrückstoß is planned. No expensive and heavy engines must be installed, and there are no wearing parts. Water is heated up before the start in a closed receiver on a temperature of 500 to 1,000 degrees. It provides while stamping out about tiltable nozzles as a superheated steam for the driving, with pleasure also for a quick impetus. To the landing valves are opened in the impetus body, so that air can stream.
The operating expenses of the system are very low, the environmental impacts like zero, machine noise is excluded. Besides, with transports about wide distances the wind currents ruling in each case can be used. Starts and landings can take place at any place. No border is put upwards to the possible load-carrying capacity. Thus there is technically no obstacle to build balls with a radius of 1,000 meters. Then the pay load lies with some millions metric tons. Besides, several unities can be joined for Schwersttransporte. These are absolutely new dimensions which will also lead to the Revolutionierung of the whole majority ship journey.

Another economic aspect is from big meaning. With the customary airships which are pursued with gases huge costs result for the gas filling. Besides, large amounts of gas must be blown out to be able to land. For the new start must be filled up according to a lot of gas. With the project VACUUCRAFT these costs are cancelled completely.
The future with VACUUCRAFT looks thus: The streets are free for the private motor traffic, the rivers and canals can be used by sports skippers, the dangerous ocean-going ship journey becomes widely superfluous. The construction of airships is also trendsetting for the personal transport. With the entsprechenden constructions the passenger's space can be integrated in the lower part of the ball. Start roads and land roads become superfluous.
Another area of application for VACUUCRAFT is the transport of rockets in the stratosphere. From there they can be begun cost-saving in the orbit. And this is not for a long time everything, the application possibilities are almost boundless.

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The lunar lie

Frank De Martin

The lunar lie

" No one was ever on the moon "

Kennedy Space centre – 16th July, 1969 – 13:32 UTC

The Saturn V rocket takes off with loud din of the start ramp. Many thousand people observe the start on site, millions before the screens all around the globe. Most are proud of the technology of the USA, they wanted to prove to the Soviets finally that they are better. The lunar module Apollo 11 is aboard, she should land as first on the moon – and bring three astronauts again healthy back to the earth.

John F. Kennedy had announced this idea with a speech in 1961. He was dead by the start of Apollo 11 for a long time, murders, however, his successor Richard Nixon sped up the project inexorably, although it was pointless. But thus it is in the policy, there one does no mistakes, and if, nevertheless, they are covered up.

Already for many years was clear to the engineers that the project was condemned to the failure, however, it ruled the cold war and the Yanks would have endlessly been disgraced if they had admitted her inability. They had to stand there in the matter of astronautics simply better than the Soviets. Thus it was further built cheerfully, because one had found a solution: Hollywood! In the film studios a walk on the moon can be produced easily.

Well, this is no news. It is new against the fact that there was no technology at the moment of the supposed moon-landings to carry out this. Only now one seriously plans a moon-landing for whose realization another about ten years are needed – 50 years after the Apollo project! If it was technically possible, the people would already have visited thousands of times the moon and there would have established for a long time big stations.

It was written a lot about the lunar lie. With very good arguments it was shown that the moon-landings have taken place in the studio. Still everything becomes zerredet or is ignored. But this is nothing new in our society.

One is still proved irrefutably that up to now no one was on the moon, namely with an easy arithmetic task.

Officially the lunar module had a mass of about 15 metric tons. Everywhere according to the approved laws of physics this mass is same, thus also on the moon. Because the gravity of the moon puts out, however, only around one sixth, the necessary fuel was lower accordingly. But at first the ferry had to land what required an amount of fuel and later again start. Afterwards she had to reach precisely the same speed like the shuttle circling in the orbit. Logistically and technically at that time impossibly.

We know that from the earth starting rockets can carry about five percent of pay load in the orbit. With the moon there might be about 30%. But the lunar module had to land and start what maximum 20% of pay load arise from, because she was a little lighter by the start than with the landing. Hence, about 12 metric tons of fuel would have to have been aboard to carry out such manoeuvres.

From it arises, with a total weight of 15 metric tons, a weight of the empty lunar module of about three metric tons, thus possibly so much like a small delivery van. But only the astronauts with her suits and the lunar car weighed already more than one metric ton. Thus not even remained for the naked ferry two metric tons. But exactly looked, she also looks thus – how a heap metal from an equipment workshop in Hollywood. If we subtract now still the heavy fuel tanks and the engine, nothing at all is left for the ferry purely.

I suppose, the forever yesterday's, believers and know-alls will also try this calculation shown here to zerreden. Today this is usual on the Internet because they remain everything anonymous …

The end of the time

What do Einstein, Newton and Darwin have in common? They were all genii, have wandered finally, however, nevertheless, fatally with her knowledge. How long are there, for instance, people on the earth? Millions of years? Stands this assertion also firm of a quite simple calculation of a population development?

David McGrande shows in his being tight book " to 666 the end of the time " with which physical lies the humanity is enslaved and is cheated. McGrande has written his book, indeed, as Roman who begins in January, 2009, however, fast one notices as a reader that it concerns here a very interesting arrangement of many physical discoveries which is to be read easily and full of suspense.

A central subject is the artificial shortage of oil and natural gas, the so-called "fossil" energy sources. What hides the branch and also the science from us consciously, is not known only by this book, is demonstrated in it, however, in detail.

The earth is not steady inside and hot already not at all, but the inside of the earth exists of pure hydrogen. This partially steps in pure form and majority-partly in the form of natural gas and oil by days. These fuels form of hydrogen and carbon in the earth crust constantly anew - from real shortage every track is absent. The fact that this assertion is not just a wild spinning mill of the author, can be read up in the literature - even if this has disappeared in Russian libraries supposedly majority-partly. Who may not believe books, may throw a sceptical look at the Russian oil supports from depths of more than 12 kms.

Another subject what leads as a red thread by the book is the close end of the sun as an energy supplier. Nevertheless, Sorry? the sun already appears since 5 billion years and should still continue sometimes so long. McGrande sees this absolutely different. He forecasts a strong radiation decrease in next decades. The reason for it lies in the construction of the sun. Also this existed originally completely of hydrogen which has been roused from a certain mass concentration with his origin by itself. This nuclear coalescence uses the hydrogen, nevertheless, within less millennium completely what is likewise derived on the basis of facts and calculations in the book.

Along with this discovery goes of course that the CO2-Sektierer carry out wide deception because they go out from a future warming of the earth. However, this seems to run off in bigger litre of beer in exactly reverse direction: For some decades the radiation strength of the sun per decade decreases about approx. two to three percent, states McGrande. Is layer in the shaft then soon an earth? In the opinion of the author is in such a way. Only high technology can give a certain reprieve in the coming final cold to some well-to-do people, however, sometime the sun has burned out in the most true sense of the word.

Indeed, it is a daring assertion, however what would be if the book is really right?

In another point one must say against the fact clearly that the science serves to us the purest nonsense. How old should our earth be supposed? Many hundred million years? And how long is there the person? At that time it should supposedly about three million years,
Development and evolution of our forefathers have begun.

If one pulls up once the population development of the past decades and tries to make a projection of how many people when have lived before us, then one discovers astonishing. McGrande has done in addition three different calculations and found out every time that one can do with it no 2,000 years zurückrechnen, because he at zero
People it came.

An example from it: In 2000 about 6,000,000,000 people on the earth lived. If one supposes now with the help of the statistics that the figures all 50 years have doubled, then these were in 1950 3,000,000,000, in 1900 1,500,000,000 would have lived in 1000 just once 5.722 people etc. so that. One cannot believe Wikipedia, unfortunately, everything, but even if one pulls up their figures, then the development looks only a little different: In 1960 3,000,000,000, 1927 2,000,000,000, 1804 1,000,000,000. With it one lands with about 771,000 people in 1000 or with 99 in the year zero.

If one thinks now that women brought not 1.3 children, but a dozen or more during her life to the world still few generations ago, and that they did not get this only with 28 or 30, but quite partially with, less than, 20, then one never comes there with the projection of Wikipedia. Even if one includes a high baby's mortality and epidemics with - in 1000 A.D. no millions people can have lived, actually, worldwide.

Is the humanity at all not as old as us is taught? Even a big misfortune maybe happened less than 2,000 years ago? McGrande has in addition a suitable and plausible answer - you will be astonished if you read the book. He explains with it also the so-called " medieval phantom time ", a period between about 600 and 900
A.D. which is absent virtually completely in the historical documentation. Even if we allow to go ideally the earlier population development much more slowly vonstatten - on millions of years one comes impossibly, not even on ten thousands, but at most for few thousand years.

The title of the book misleads the reader a little, nevertheless, goes it less around the satanic number, than even more around the knowledge which stand majority-partly thus konträr to our school knowledge and the approved science that one must just still read on surprised. Indeed, McGrande lets some Pan theism and some esoteric trains look though, however, all together one must give to the author big respect for his courageous assertions and the accompanying clear argumentation.

If one asks himself at the beginning of the book whether the author does not go a little bit too far, the reader wins bit by bit more and more the conviction that most time was at the school in the scientific fields Big waste of time and blindness.

The book is really worth reading. It allows a very real and clear look from the bird's-eye view on our earth and the physical laws by which this is defeated which seem to be absolutely different, however, majority-partly when one has taught us.

Hard cover 300 sides, approx. 90 pictures, price 29.80 euros

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Zukunft für Raumfahrt, Luftfahrt und Transportwesen - es schwebt...


Das Projekt VACUUCRAFT ist die Weiterführung und Perfektionierung der alten Luftschiffidee. Zeppelin, Cargolifter und andere Projekte scheiterten nicht nur daran, dass stets teure und gefährliche Gase eingesetzt werden mussten.

VACUUCRAFT geht den natürlichen Weg und strebt den Bau von Luftschiffen an, deren Auftriebskörper die Gravitation der Erde innerhalb der Atmosphäre durch ein Vakuum in ihrem Inneren neutralisieren. Durch das Hochvakuum wird genügend Gewicht eingespart für die Konstruktion einer festen Hülle  (Ein Kubikmeter Luft wiegt rund 1,3 kg.) Die technische Realisierung ist heute durch den Einsatz modernster Werkstoffe möglich. Dazu gehören Glas- und Kohlefaser-Verbundwerkstoffe, die schon verbreitet Anwendung finden und moderner Kohlenstoff- und Metallschaum. Metallschäume sind meist auf Aluminium basierende Materialien, die bis zu 90% aus Luft bestehen. Sie sind konventionellen Kunststoffschäumen äußerlich sehr ähnlich, haben aber viel höhere Festigkeiten und besitzen Eigenschaften, die für Metalle typisch sind. Eine geschickte Kombination dieser Werkstoffe ermöglicht die Konstruktion riesiger Luftschiffe, die Lasten von vielen Tausend Tonnen transportieren können. 

Das gesamte Transportwesen soll durch VACUUCRAFT revolutioniert werden. Im Gegensatz zu anderen Transportfahrzeugen gilt hier: Je größer umso effektiver. Der Grund hierfür ergibt sich aus der einfachen Geometrie. Während das Volumen einer Kugel mit der dritten Potenz des Radius zunimmt, wächst die Oberfläche nur um zwei Potenzen. Das heißt, die spezifische Tragfähigkeit eines Luftschiffes nimmt mit der Größe zu. Vorteilhaft ist hier, dass das Gewicht der gesamten Konstruktion nur etwa linear zum Radius wächst. So kann eine Vakuumkugel mit einem Radius von 10 Meter rund 2.000 Kilogramm tragen, eine Kugel mit einem Radius von 100 Meter weit mehr als 2.000 Tonnen. Innerhalb dieser Größenordnungen bewegt sich der gesamte LKW- und Binnenschiffsverkehr, der durch VACUUCRAFT weitgehend ersetzt werden kann.  
Besondere Vorteile ergeben sich auch bei der Herstellung der kugelförmigen Luftschiffe. Die einzelnen Elemente werden als Fünf- und Sechsecke mit gleichen Seitenlängen hergestellt, woraus sich beliebig große Luftschiffe in Serie fertigen lassen. Dieses Prinzip ist allgemein von der Gestaltung eines Fußballs bekannt. In der Natur finden wir diese so genannten Fullerene bei Kohlenstoffmolekülen. Viele natürliche Fullerene bestehen aus 12 Fünfecken, die von Sechsecken umgeben sind. Durch die Kombination von Fünf- und Sechsecken entsteht eine sphärische Wölbung und große Stabilität, weil die Fünfecke nicht aneinander grenzen, sondern nur von Sechsecken umgeben sind und magische Zahlen von Eckpunkten von z.B. 60, 70, 76 usw. vorhanden sind. Die Natur zeigt uns beim Aufbau der Moleküle wie es geht.  
Weitere große Vorteile gegenüber den bekannten Transportmitteln gibt es in Sachen Sicherheit. Der gesamte Auftriebskörper wird in mehrere Abteilungen aufgeteilt, die gegeneinander abgeschottet sind. Zusätzlich werden Vakuumpumpen angebracht, die im Falle einer Beschädigung der Hülle die eintretende Luft herauspumpen und so das Vakuum  erhalten. Dadurch wird jede Havarie ausgeschlossen. 
Als Antrieb ist Heißdampfrückstoß vorgesehen. Es müssen keine teuren und schweren Triebwerke installiert werden, und es gibt keine Verschleißteile. Wasser wird vor dem Start in Druckbehältern auf eine Temperatur von 500 bis 1.000 Grad erhitzt. Es sorgt beim Austreten über schwenkbare Düsen als Heißdampf für den Vortrieb, bei Belieben auch für einen schnellen Auftrieb. Zur Landung werden im Auftriebskörper simple Ventile geöffnet, damit Luft einströmen kann. Dasselbe geschieht, während große Lasten entladen werden.

Die Betriebskosten des Systems sind sehr gering, die Umweltbelastungen gleich Null, Maschinenlärm ist ausgeschlossen. Bei Transporten über weite Strecken können zudem die jeweils herrschenden Windströmungen in der Atmosphäre genutzt werden. Starts und Landungen können an jedem beliebigen Ort stattfinden. Der möglichen Tragfähigkeit ist nach oben keine Grenze gesetzt. So gibt es technisch auch keine Hindernisse, Kugeln mit einem Radius von 1.000 Meter zu bauen. Die Nutzlast liegt dann bei einigen Millionen Tonnen. Zudem lassen sich für Schwersttransporte mehrere Einheiten zusammen fügen.
Das sind völlig neue Dimensionen, die auch zur Revolutionierung der gesamten Großschifffahrt führen werden. Ein wirtschaftlicher Aspekt ist von großer Bedeutung. Bei herkömmlichen Luftschiffen, die mit Gasen betrieben werden, fallen enorme Kosten für die Gasfüllung an. Zudem müssen große Mengen Gas raus geblasen werden, um landen zu können. Zum Neustart muss entsprechend viel Gas nachgetankt werden. Beim Projekt VACUUCRAFT entfallen diese Kosten vollständig. 
Die Zukunft mit VACUUCRAFT sieht so aus: Die Straßen sind frei für den privaten Autoverkehr,  LKWs weitgehend überflüssig. die Flüsse und Kanäle können von Sportschiffern genutzt werden, die gefährliche Hochseeschifffahrt wird ebenso weitgehend überflüssig. Zukunftsweisend ist auch der Bau von Luftschiffen für den Personentransport. Bei den entsprechenden Konstruktionen kann der Passagierraum im unteren Teil der Kugel integriert werden. Die Passagiere verfügen über einen ähnlichen Komfort wie auf einem Kreuzfahrtschiff. Sie reisen auf angenehme, menschliche Art, nicht wie in den heutigen Flugzeugen, wo sie in engen Sitzen eingepfercht viele Stunden verbringen müssen.

Ein weiterer Einsatzbereich für VACUUCRAFT ist der Transport von Raketen in die Stratosphäre. Von dort aus können diese Kosten sparend in den Orbit gestartet werden. Und das ist längst nicht alles, die Einsatzmöglichkeiten sind fast unbegrenzt. Wir müssen modern denken. Was heute läuft, entspricht noch weitgehend dem Niveau jener, die die Eisenbahn erfunden haben. Das ist längst nicht mehf zeitgemäß. Mit VACUUCRAFT brauchen wir keine Schienen und Straßen, keine teuren Tunnel und Monsterbrücken, keine Start- und Landebahnen. Unsere Verkehrswege sind kostenlos, sie umfassen die gesamte Atmosphäre. bis hinaus in die Stratosphäre. Auch wenn die Luft dort oben immer dünner wird, können wir sehr hoch fliegen, denn unser Luftschiff wird mit zunehmender Entfernung von der Erdoberfläche auch ein wenig leichter. Wir werden große Teile des klassischen Flugverkehrs ersetzen. Der gesamte Verkehrsraum wird in Zukunft um eine Dimension wachsen. Wir bewegen uns dann nicht mehr auf einer zweidimensionalen Fläche sondern im dreidimensionalen Raum. Aber in der Denkweise vieler Verantwortlicher - Flachdenker - ist die Erde immer noch eine Scheibe...

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